If “a picture is worth a thousand words”, then a motion picture must be worth more than what mere words can describe. The day of a wedding can be described in many ways, hectic, overwhelming, joyful, energetic, beautiful, elegant, and indeed an entire string of superlatives that, like the love that creates it, goes on forever.
Yet the idea that a countless infinitude of words can be recapitulated in a highlight video is one of the magical things that Wedding Videographer have the extraordinary ability to create. Many happy newlyweds in and outside of London have relied on my work to sum up their storybook wedding day in full media form, and you too can enjoy a few fruits of my labor with the wedding highlight videos featured below.

Emeca & Carl

2019/10/25 - Grand Cannaught, London

Shannon & Mikail

2019/10/15 - Hylands House, London

Victoria & Garry

2019/10/6 - De Vere Devonport House, London

Rochelle & Luke

2019/01/8 - Hackney Town Hall, London

Chang & Xi

2018/09/20 - Greenwich University, London

Lisa & Steven

2019/10/6 - The Essex Golf Country Club, Colchester

Genevieve & Dan

2019/10/6 - Orset Hall, Grays

Katie & Mason

2017/07/7 - The Gardens, Yalding

Rachael & Ashley

2017/07/8 - Lympne Castle, Hythe