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title_ornament Wedding Photographer London - Emma & Adam Wedding Gallery at Avignon France

2016.08.14 | Emma & Adam

Two years ago, I was shooting a wedding in London for Alissa. Whilst there I met Alissa's sister Emma and her partner Adam. I was super excited as they told me that they had just got engaged. One cold day in December 2015 Alissa called to ask if I would be able to capture Emma's wedding this summer in Avignon, France. I was over the moon to be asked the question and immediately answered with a YES! Adam and his groomsmen were awesome to hang out with and were willing to 'bend a few rules' in the sake of getting a great shot! Emma and her bridesmaids looked gorgeous standing next to the pool, especially the skirt-up funny pose. The whole day was amazing, the atmosphere was easy going and so much fun, a true reflection of both Emma and Adam's personality. Everyone enjoyed the local wine and selection of luxury (smelly) cheese! The day continued into the night with lots of dancing and laughing on the dance floor. Here are a few teasers from Emma and Adam's special day!

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wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-father wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-dress wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-neck wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-bride-swing wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-bridemaids wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-groom-church wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-bride-father wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-couple-rings wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-couple-romantic wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-couple-veil wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-car-bouquet wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-couple-kiss wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-couple-garden-kiss wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-garden wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-couple-knee wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-bride-gate wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-bride-drink wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-couple-dance wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-couple-night wedding-photographer-london-destination-avignone-emma-video
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