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title_ornament Wedding Photographer London - Karen & Gary Wedding Gallery at Langley Club

2015.10.09 | Karen & Gary

I was so excited to photograph this wedding! This couple and their amazing friends and family that came with them to the Quendon Hall to celebrate their love were so much fun! Jasmin & Marc had their ceremony light hearted and sentimental. Everyone at this wedding from the wedding party to their family members were so awesome to me, travelling down their on my own, they all made me feel so welcomed to be a part of the week long celebration! The reception was filled with so many laughs and amazing dance moves, don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time. Jasmin & Marc also had the most amazing moonlight for their first dance and some night time photos, it was like a dream! Congrats Jasmin & Marc, thank you so much for having me there to capture your wedding.

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